Journey to Tibet


We had heard that the newly opened train to Lhasa (for which service began in July 2006) was changing the character of Tibet as the Chinese government pushed migration of Chinese into Tibet.  We had always dreamed of visiting the Himalaya and thought that it would be a good time to visit before the region had become completely subsumed into China.

We spent 3 weeks in Tibet in September 2007. Some of the highlights of our trip included visiting Buddhist monasteries and Mt Everest (!), trekking in the Tibetan countryside, and visiting a community development organization for Tibetan women. Some of the difficulties included major ticketing trouble with United/Air China, high-altitude headaches, being mistaken for Chinese, and stumbling around not speaking a word of Mandarin. Overall, it was not an easy trip, but it was a fun, fascinating and eye-opening adventure.   

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